ZVAA Board and Officers

2023 ZVAA Board and Officers  Position Email           
Kristin Blake  President [email protected]     
Libby Clouser Vice President [email protected]
Holly Rowland  Secretary [email protected]
Heather Kidwell Treasurer [email protected]
Holly Rowland Sponsorships/Donations [email protected]
Matt Clouser Field Maintenance  [email protected]
Mark Damon     Member [email protected]
Jeremy Rowland      Member [email protected]

2023 Northeastern Little League

Holly Rowland  President  [email protected]
Kristin Blake  Vice President [email protected]
Amanda Hasty  Treasurer [email protected]
Kristi Rettew Secretary  [email protected]
Michelle Schauer Safety Officer [email protected]
Manny Vazquez Coaching Coordinator [email protected]
Jeremy Rowland  Equipment Manger  [email protected]
Nick Sciotti Player Agent  [email protected] 
Russ Schauer Umpire in Chief/Field Scheduler [email protected]
Holly Rowland  Fundraising  [email protected]
Heather Kidwell Concessions [email protected]
Russ Blake Board Member
Justin Hasty Board Member
Garry Himes  Board Member
Kyle Gepfer Board Member
Sarah Gepfer Board Member
Jason Lamm Board Member
Kayla McKenna  Board Member
Adam Rebar Board Member
Rebecca Swift Board Member
Shane Swift  Board Member
Phillip Woods Board Member 

2023 Northeastern Fastpitch   
Mark Damon   President [email protected]
Matt Clouser   Vice President  [email protected]
Andrea Weirich   Treasurer
Open     Secretary 

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