ZVAA Board and Officers

2020 Board and Officers       Position             Email                      

Matt Moser             President                                    [email protected]                                     
Liz Charleston                                  Vice President/Secretary         [email protected]                             
Vacant     Treasurer

Brian Neri                                          Board Member [email protected]
Doug Engles     Board Member [email protected]
Matt Clouser                                     Board Member [email protected]
Allison Holbritter                             Board Member [email protected]

2020 Northeastern Little League 
Duane Elliott              NELL President             [email protected]        
Russ Blake                NELL Vice President                   [email protected] 
Chris Krokos     Secretary   [email protected]
Lisa Woods     Treasurer   [email protected]
Tom Dehoff     Safety Officer   [email protected]
Kevin Bissinger                                 Coaching Coordinator                     
[email protected]                                    
Nicholas Sciotti              Player Agent - Majors           [email protected]                               
Lori Reisinger     Player Agent - Minors                        [email protected]
Mike Jennings     Player Agent - T-Ball   [email protected]
Tabitha Martin     Player Agent Assistant                      [email protected]
Chris Montgomery                          Equipment Manager   [email protected]
Garry Himes    Field Scheduler   [email protected]
Phil Woods    Sponsorship/Fundraising                  [email protected]
Kyle Gepfer                                      Assistant Sponsorship/Fundraising [email protected]
Kristin Blake    Concessions Manager [email protected]
Lindsay Elliott    Information Officer [email protected]
Jason Johnson    Social Media Officer [email protected]
Joe Kidwell    Board Member [email protected]
Brian Neri
   Board Member                 [email protected]       
Dave Orpin    Board Member [email protected]                         
Matt Moser    Board Member [email protected]
Mark Shive    Board Member [email protected]
Kris Barshinger       Board Member                                         
[email protected]                             

2020 Northeastern Fastpitch
Matt Clouser President [email protected]       
Doug Engles    Vice President [email protected]                           

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