November 2019

Northeastern Little League

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, November 11, 2019


1.Meeting started at 6:38 PM by Michelle Calder

a.Attending: Kyle Gepfer, Nick Sciotti, Kristin Blake, Russ Blake, Chris Ford, Mike Jennings, Lori Reisinger, Tabitha Martin, Brian Neri,       Mark Shive, Chris Krokos, Tom Dehoff, Lisa Woods, Phil Woods, Lindsay Elliott, Dave Orpin, Duane Elliott, Gary Himes, Jason Johnson,     Matt Moser, Michelle Calder, Liz Charleston. 

b.Absent: Chris Montogomery, Kevin Bissinger, Kris Barshinger, Joe Kidwell

c. Quorum was met. 3 board members needed for quorum. 

2.Approval of minutes 11-5-2019. 

            a.Motion to approve Brian Neri.  2nd by Russ Blake. 

3.Define expectations

            a.Pete Kline‚Äôs letter-Liz Charleston

            b.Roberts Rules of order-Chris Krokos

Identify needed 2020 board positions

            c.         Existing positions(15)/ 7 required



                                                a.Duane Elliott(17 votes)

                                                b.Michelle Calder(7 votes)




ii. Vice President


                        a.Phil Woods motion to have one executive VP.  2nd Chris Krokos.

                        b.All were in favor


                        a.Russ Blake(11 votes)

                        b.Gary Himes(5 votes)

                        c.Michelle Calder(6 votes)

iii. Treasurer


                        a.Lisa Woods

iv. Secretary


                        a. Chris Krokos











v. Player agent


a. Phil Woods made a motion to have 2 player agents. Nick Sciotti amended the motion to 3 player agents(t-ball, minors and below, majors and above).  2nd by Brian Neri. 

2. Nominees

            a. T-ball

                        i. Mike Jennings

            b.Coach pitch, hybrid, 7-8, minors

                        i.Lori Reisinger(Tabitha Martin assists)

            c.Majors and above

                        i. Nick Sciotti

vi.Coaching coordinator


                        a.Kevin Bissinger

vii.Safety Officer


                        a.Tom Dehoff

viii. Umpire in Chief



ix.Concession Manager


                        a.Kristin Blake


x. Field Scheduler


                        a.Gary Himes

xi.League information officer


                        a.Lindsay Elliott

xii. Sponsorships/Fundraising manager


                        a.Phil Woods

                        b.Kyle Gepfer(assistant)

xiii. Equipment manager


                        a.Chris Montgomery

xiv. At large members(Those not assigned a position)


d.Additional positions for consideration

            i.GM positions-none

ii.Fall Ball coordinator-Postpone pending discussion on whether or not it is                       

                                           going to be county ball or little league. 

iii.Communications officer-Secretary will handle this

iv.Social media officer


                        a.Jason Johnson


**PA district 14 new board member orientation meeting is scheduled for December 1, 2019 from 3:30-5:00 pm at the Gettysburg Wyndham Hotel. It is recommended that all board members attend.  **


Discussion on the next meeting date.  There was agreement that the board may need to meet quite often over the next few months to get things in order.  Registrations are a priority. Matt Moser will check for Zions View and Mt. Wolf borough   building availability - 11-24-2019.  The back up date will be Monday  11-25-2019.  The meeting time will be 6:30 pm.  Other options for meeting locations were mentioned such as fire stations and halls, etc. 


Motion by Brian Neri to adjourn the meeting.  2nd by Mark Shive.  Meeting

adjourned at 8:35 pm.     









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