January 2020

Nell Board Of Directors Meeting

Zions View Building

1-16-2020- 6:40 PM


Board Members in Attendance: Duane Elliott, Chris Krokos, Tom Dehoff, Phil Woods, Nick Sciotti, Matt Moser, Dave Orpin, Mike Jennings, Lori Reisinger,      Kyle Gepfer, Kevin Bissinger


Board Members not in Attendance: Garry Himes, Joe Kidwell, Lisa Woods,        Chris Montgomery, Brian Neri, Jason Johnson, Tabitha Martin, Kristin Blake,     Russ Blake, Mark Shive, Lindsay Elliott, Kris Barshinger


Meeting opened by Duane Elliott-Quorum established


1.Duane Elliott brought up the fact that a few parents have spoken to him regarding the fact that the registration fees were a financial burden for their family.  Duane and the league  has handled these situations appropriately by helping those families.  He will continue this as needed. 

2. Lori Reisinger  brought up that there is a baseball family who could use some assistance because the head of that household was recently diagnosed with cancer.  The league will do whatever they can to help and support them.  

3. Meeting minutes approved from 11-25-2019 meeting.  Nick-motion to approve. Kevin-2nd.  Everyone agreed to approve the minutes.

4.Duane stated that the league charter has been paid.  A $315.00 fee to the district must be paid soon.  This is for tournaments.

5.Duane stated that Zions View needs board members.  Only a few remain. 

6. Duane brought up in person registration.  Any help is appreciated.  There were suggestions that perhaps in addition to doing these at the Bobcat Creamery that they can also be done at various Northeastern sporting events such as wrestling, basketball, etc.  Duane stated he would check into this. 

7.Duane stated that he is going to schedule the open gym workouts soon.  There was discussion if there are additional fees to use the cages.  This will be investigated further. 

8. Raffle tickets were discussed.  It was decided that each family would have to sell ten $5.00 tickets.  The potential prizes will most likely be the following;

            A. Two $250.00 cash prizes

            B. Two 4 packs of Hershey Park tickets.  Total of 8 tickets.  It was suggested

                 that they be purchased from school PTO at discount prices. 

            C. Five 4 packs of York Revolution tickets.

            D. Two York Revolution 1741 club tickets.

            E. Other small prizes as well such as clothing, gift cards, etc.

Also discussed was about 2000 raffle tickets will need to be printed. It was discussed that perhaps Ream Printing could help us with this.  Phil will look into this.   It was discussed that our SGC number is needed as it must be on the raffle tickets.  Our license is good until 4-30-2020. 

9. Opening day prize giveaways discussed.  Suggestions included only giving away top prizes at opening day(give away other prizes later that day or other days), using a prize board to post the prize winners, use face book live to have kids announce the prizes, etc.   Kids should not have to wait on the field while prize winners are announced.    

10. Fundraising was discussed.  Phil stated that he was able to secure $15,000.00 from East Manchester Twp. to renovate an existing baseball field at John Rudy Park.  The field needs some equipment and needs to be updated which is what this money will be used for.  Timetable for when this field will be ready to use is uncertain at this time.  Other fundraising efforts will continue.  Phil requested that he be able to handle these as he does not want duplication of efforts which would cause confusion. 

11. Coaching committee.  Kevin is the coaching coordinator.  He feels that with he, the player agents, and possibly Matt Moser that they should be able to handle the duties. 

12.Duane mentioned that Russ is handling getting quotes from businesses for uniforms.  Phil, Tom, and others agreed to help with this.  Two possible businesses to use are To the Tee and J Car logos. 

13.Uniform color changes.  It was decided that the league should attempt to come more into alignment with the Northeastern color scheme.  Possible colors to use would be black, orange, white.  The uniform companies will be asked to give us some different color schemes as we can’t have all the same types of jerseys. 

14.The Inter-lock scheduling meeting is Feb 29, 2020.  Assessments, drafts, team coaches, etc. need to be figured out before this time.  A lot to do in a short time period. 

15.Results of the survey were discussed.  40 people participated.

16.Lengthy discussion on the AA/AAA system.  This was a prevalent issue addressed in the survey by many.   Many theories and reasons as to why it did not succeed from many people. We could only move forward at this point.    Phil stated that upon researching the issue the only league that is going to do AA this year is Dallastown.  Therefore it was suggested that we eliminate it.   Nothing was finalized on this issue.   Assessments will be done and then it will be figured out following that.   There needs to be at least 2 assessment dates.

17.  Matt stated that getting dirt for the fields has been approved.  Cannot get a truck onto the fields until they freeze.  Do not want to risk damaging the fields.    

18. Baseball gloves were donated to the league from an estate.  They will be examined.  Perhaps they can be used.  Perhaps some are worth money. 




**Registrations, assessments(dates, scoring system , gym scheduling)                        drafts(draft methods, draft location, etc.) coaching selections, league structure(how any teams, how many teams in divisions, etc.), volunteer clearances, seem to be time sensitive issues at this point.  Feb 8, 2020 registration ends which means there is only a few weeks after that to do many of these things.**



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